Consulting for departments

Consulting with fire departments is one of our favorite projects to work on with The Bravest Volunteers crew. After all, we formed the company because we wanted to work with departments to help fix the landslide of recruitment and retention problems that were destroying departments nationwide.

We specialize in just a few key areas because we know these areas are the key to any agencies survival.

  • Recruitment- We will help you develop systems to recruit the best candidates possible for your organization. We work to streamline the process and make it as hands off as possible for your department to manage.
  • Retention – Once you have those members, you want to do everything in your power to keep them. We’ve witnessed dozens of great fire fighters and EMT’s be cast to the side because of temporary set backs in life, and our own department lost out big because of that.
  • Fundraising – We have developed marketing techniques to help volunteer departments with fundraising campaigns and to maximize their return on investment.
  • Leadership – We believe the best departments can only be run by creating great leadership teams, we will work with your organization to help create a process for selecting the best leaders and to continue to develop them into future chiefs.


If your department is interested in working with the team at the Bravest Volunteers, please send us an email with your basic contact information to . We will be in touch shortly to discuss the consulting process with you. We are very limited in the number of departments we can work with since they are typically multi month processes and we provide a lot of attention to each department, so if your agency needs help, please apply as soon as possible.