We realize that a lot of agencies need help. And that’s why we offer our consulting services to towns, cities and private fire departments.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Recruitment – Gaining new members can be one of the most difficult things a department does on a regular basis. Making sure they are the right type of person, and are going to stick around so you don’t waste precious money are vital in todays current market. We work with departments to develop a recruitment program that can be used for decades to come and helps weed out the bad applicants so you save more money, cut down on the time involved in the recruitment process and get better applicants.
  • Retention – Once you have those members, you want to do everything in your power to keep them. We’ve witnessed dozens of great fire fighters and EMT’s be cast to the side because of temporary set backs in life, and our own department lost out big because of that.
    • Develop a working environment everyone wants to be a part of
    • Reinstate the Brotherhood factor – it’s more important than you might think
    • Fundraising – We help agencies develop incredible marketing plans for fundraising that can be used again and again. Our head writer at The Bravest Volunteers is also an experienced copywriter, so he can craft a letter to help you with any fundraising effort.
    • Public Relations – Have you ever thought about how valuable the media could be to you? We all know how they can pester us with FOI requests, but did you know that with proper planning and tactics you could use them to help you get coverage of your fundraisers and recruitment events? And they’ll do it happily, perhaps even begging for more coverage.