About Us – Bravest Volunteers

For decades, the volunteer fire service has been eroded, hacked apart and too much demanded of too few personnel. Our mission is to stop the erosion, rebuild the foundation and create the volunteer fire service of the future.

We follow three simple ideas to make that happen.

  1. Fix the recruitment of new members
  2. Fix the retention of current members
  3. Develop people into solid leaders and future Officers

At the core, that’s all it will take to save the volunteer fire service. Of course, there’s a lot that goes into each of those missions to make them successful and without each one, the other simply can not exist.

Become a part of The Bravest Volunteers mission to change the volunteer fire service.


So who are the Bravest Volunteers?


Chris Lockwood

Chris Lockwood

Chris Lockwood is currently a firefighter with the Colchester Hayward Fire Department in Connecticut. He served 10 years with Hebron, 2 of those as Captain of Station 3 before moving out of town. He has worked as a 911 dispatcher since 2004 and is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer for The Bravest Volunteers. He is also one of our primary writers for the blog and newsletter, so you’ll find out a lot more about his life as you follow us.




Nick Wallick

Nick Wallick

For over a decade, Nick Wallick was responsible for plant operations, property management, and Environmental Health and Safety as Vice President of Dur-a-flex, Inc., in East Hartford, CT . He trained instructors for Dur-a-flex’s widely acclaimed internal university system, teaching employees continuous improvement, self-improvement, and Lean Manufacturing strategies.

Certified in Project Management and a Continuous Improvement Certification Champion, Nick brings a wealth of expertise to disaster preparedness training. He’s currently Fire Chief for the Town of Hebron, in charge of Emergency Response for medical, fire and Hazmat response. Nick has served the Fire Department since 1999, and holds numerous training certifications including Fire Instructor I. Nick teaches regularly as a Hazmat/WMD 472 Instructor.